45 CFR § 1176.8 - Exceptions.

§ 1176.8 Exceptions.

(a) The Personnel Officer may except positions from inclusion in this program to provide fewer than 16 hours per week. This will normally be done in furtherance of special hiring programs such as the Stay-in-School or Handicapped Employment Program.

(b) On occasions when it becomes necessary to allow supervisors and managers to temporarily increase the hours of duty of employees above 32 hours per week for limited and specific periods of time to meet heavy workloads, perform special assignments, permit employee training, etc., the Endowment policy is as follows:

(1) Requests to work NEH employees on a 32 hour/week appointment more than 32 hours must be submitted in advance to the Personnel Office;

(2) Justification should be concise but specific and must state the exact time frame for the increase in hours above 32 hours per week; and

(3) The Program Coordinator will decide if the request meets the intent of the law and this agency's policy.