45 CFR § 1323.13 - Supportive services.

§ 1323.13 Supportive services.

(a) A grantee may provide any of the supportive services specified under title III of the Older Americans Act and any other supportive services, approved in the grantee's application, that are necessary for the general welfare of older Hawaiian Natives.

(b) If a grantee elects to provide multipurpose senior center activities or uses any of the funds under this part for acquiring, altering or renovating a multipurpose senior center facility, it shall comply with the following requirements:

(1) The grantee shall comply with all applicable local health, fire, safety, building, zoning and sanitation laws, ordinances or codes.

(2) The grantee shall assure the technical adequacy of any proposed alteration or renovation of a multipurpose senior center assisted under this part. The grantee shall assure technical adequacy by requiring that any alteration or renovation of a multipurpose senior center that affects the load bearing members of the facility is structurally sound and complies with all applicable local or State ordinances, laws, or building codes.

(c) If a grantee elects to provide legal services, it shall substantially comply with the requirements in § 1321.71 and legal services providers shall comply fully with the requirements in §§ 1321.71(c) through 1321.71(p).