45 CFR § 1323.9 - Contributions.

§ 1323.9 Contributions.

(a) Each grantee shall:

(1) Provide each older Hawaiian Native with a free and voluntary opportunity to contribute to the cost of the service;

(2) Protect the privacy of each older Hawaiian Native with respect to his or her contribution;

(3) Establish appropriate procedures to safeguard and account for all contributions;

(4) Use all supportive services contributions to expand the services provided under this part; and

(5) Use all nutrition services contributions only to expand services as provided under section 307(a)(13)(c)(ii) of the Act.

(b) Each grantee may develop a suggested contribution schedule for services provided under this part. In developing a contribution schedule, the grantee shall consider the income ranges of older Hawaiian Natives in the service area and the grantee's other sources of income. However, means tests may not be used.

(c) A grantee may not deny any older Hawaiian a service because the older Hawaiian will not or cannot contribute to the cost of the service.