45 CFR § 205.60 - Reports and maintenance of records.

§ 205.60 Reports and maintenance of records.

A State plan under title I, IV—A, X, XIV, or XVI (AABD) of the Social Security Act must provide that:

(a) The State agency will maintain or supervise the maintenance of records necessary for the proper and efficient operation of the plan, including records regarding applications, determination of eligibility, the provision of financial assistance, and the use of any information obtained under § 205.55, with respect to individual applications denied, recipients whose benefits have been terminated, recipients whose benefits have been modified, and the dollar value of these denials, terminations and modifications. Under this requirement, the agency will keep individual records which contain pertinent facts about each applicant and recipient. The records will include information concerning the date of application and the date and basis of its disposition; facts essential to the determination of initial and continuing eligibility (including the individual's social security number, need for, and provision of financial assistance); and the basis for discontinuing assistance.

(b) The agency shall report as the Secretary prescribes for the purpose of determining compliance with the requirements of §§ 205.55 and 205.56 and for evaluating the effectiveness of the Income and Eligibility Verification System.

[51 FR 7216, Feb. 28, 1986]