45 CFR § 212.10 - Nondiscrimination.

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§ 212.10 Nondiscrimination.

(a) No eligible person shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin be excluded from participation, be denied any benefits, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination of any nature or form in the provision of any benefits under the Act.

(b) The prohibition in paragraph (a) of this section precludes discrimination either in the selection of individuals to receive the benefits, in the scope of benefits, or in the manner of providing them. It extends to all facilities and services provided by the Administration or an agency to an individual, and to the arrangements and the procedures under this part relating thereto, in connection with reception and temporary assistance under the Act.

[39 FR 26548, July 19, 1974, as amended at 60 FR 19864, Apr. 21, 1995]