45 CFR § 233.28 - Monthly reporting.

§ 233.28 Monthly reporting.

(a) State plans specifying retrospective budgeting shall require that recipients with earned income, other than income from self-employment, report that income to the agency monthly. The State may require recipients with unearned income, no income, or income from self-employment to report monthly. The agency shall provide a form for this purpose, which:

(1) Is written in clear simple language;

(2) Specifies the date by which the agency must receive the form and the consequences of a late or incomplete form, including whether the agency will delay or withhold payment if the form is not returned by the specified date;

(3) Identifies an individual or agency unit the recipient should contact to receive prompt answers to questions about information requested on the form, and provides a telephone number for this purpose;

(4) Includes a statement, to be signed by the recipient, that he or she understands that the information he or she provides may result in changes in assistance, including reduction or termination;

(5) Advises the recipient if supplemental payments are available and the proper procedures for initiating a request; and

(6) Advises the recipient of his or her right to a fair hearing on any decrease or termination of assistance or denial of a supplemental payment.

(b) The agency shall specify the date by which it must receive the monthly report. This date shall be at least 5 days from the end of the budget month and shall also allow the recipient at least 5 days to complete the report.

(c) The agency may consider a monthly report incomplete only if it is unsigned or omits information necessary to determine eligibility or compute the payment amount.

(d) The agency shall provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope for returning the monthly report.

(e) The agency shall make special provisions for persons who are illiterate or have other handicaps so that they cannot complete a monthly report form.

[44 FR 26083, May 4, 1979]