45 CFR § 235.61 - Definition of terms.

§ 235.61 Definition of terms.

For purposes of §§ 235.60-235.66:

Act means the Social Security Act, as amended.

A grant to an educational institution means payments to an educational institution for services rendered under a time limited agreement between the State agency and the eligible educational institution which provides for the training of State or local agency employees or persons preparing for employment with the State or local agency.

A training program is the method through which the State agency carries out a plan of educational and training activities to improve the operation of its programs.

(a) Initial in-service training means a period of intensive, task-oriented training to prepare new employees to assume job responsibilities.

(b) Continuing training means an on-going program of training planned to enable employees to: (1) Reinforce their basic knowledge and develop the required skills for the performance of specific functions, and (2) acquire additional knowledge and skill to meet changes such as enactment of new legislation, development of new policies, or shifts in program emphasis.

(c) Full-time training means training that requires employees to be relieved of all responsibility for performance of current work to participate in a training program.

(d) Part-time training means training that allows employees to continue full time in their jobs or requires only partial reduction of work activities to participate in a training program outside of the State or local agency.

(e) Long-term training means training for eight consecutive work weeks or longer.

(f) Short-term training means training for less than eight consecutive work weeks.

FFP or Federal financial participation means the Federal government's share of expenditures made by a State or local agency under a training program.

Fringe benefits means the employer's share of premiums for industrial compensation, employee's retirement, unemployment compensation, health insurance, and similar expenses.

Persons preparing for employment means individuals who are not yet employed by the State or local agency, but who have received financial assistance from the State agency for training, and have made a legally binding commitment with the State or local agency for future employment under the conditions of these regulations.

Stipend means the basic living allowance paid to a student.

[45 FR 29833, May 6, 1980]