45 CFR § 2507.5 - Records available on agency website.

§ 2507.5 Records available on agency website.

(a) AmeriCorps regularly updates and posts the following on its public website, americorps.gov:

(1) Information that is required to be published in the Federal Register under 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(1) and:

(2) Administrative staff manuals and instructions to staff that affect any member of the public.

(3) Statements of policy and interpretation adopted by AmeriCorps and not published in the Federal Register.

(4) Final opinions, including concurring and dissenting opinions, as well as orders, made in the adjudication of administrative cases.

(5) Records that AmeriCorps determines are or will be the subject of widespread media, historical, or academic interest and that may properly be publicly posted.

(b) On the FOIA page of its public website, americorps.gov, the Agency posts records that are required by the FOIA to be made available for public inspection and copying under 5 U.S.C 552(a)(2), including, but not limited to, frequently requested records.

(c) For help from the FOIA Officer or the FOIA Public Liaison in finding proactively disclosed records, members of the public may contact AmeriCorps at foia@cns.gov or at: AmeriCorps, Office of the General Counsel, 250 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20525.