45 CFR § 2516.500 - How does the Corporation review the merits of an application?

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§ 2516.500 How does the Corporation review the merits of an application?

(a) In reviewing the merits of an application submitted to the Corporation under this part, the Corporation evaluates the quality, innovation, replicability, and sustainability of the proposal on the basis of the following criteria: (1) Quality, as indicated by the extent to which -

(i) The program will provide productive meaningful, educational experiences that incorporate service-learning methods;

(ii) The program will meet community needs and involve individuals from diverse backgrounds (including economically disadvantaged youth) who will serve together to explore the root causes of community problems;

(iii) The principal leaders of the program will be well qualified for their responsibilities;

(iv) The program has sound plans and processes for training, technical assistance, supervision, quality control, evaluation, administration, and other key activities; and

(v) The program will advance knowledge about how to do effective and innovative community service and service-learning and enhance the broader elementary and secondary education field.

(2) Replicability, as indicated by the extent to which the program will assist others in learning from experience and replicating the approach of the program.

(3) Sustainability, as indicated by the extent to which -

(i) An SEA, Indian tribe or community-based entity applicant demonstrates the ability and willingness to coordinate its activities with the State Plan under § 2550.80(a) of this chapter and with other federally assisted activities;

(ii) The program will foster collaborative efforts among local educational agencies, local government agencies, community based agencies, businesses, and State agencies;

(iii) The program will enjoy strong, broad-based community support; and

(iv) There is evidence that financial resources will be available to continue the program after the expiration of the grant.

(b) The Corporation also gives priority to proposals that -

(1) Involve participants in the design and operation of the program;

(2) Reflect the greatest need for assistance, such as programs targeting low-income areas or serving economically disadvantaged youth:

(3) Involve students from public and private schools serving together;

(4) Involve students of different ages, races, genders, ethnicities, abilities and disabilities, or economic backgrounds, serving together;

(5) Are integrated into the academic program of the participants;

(6) Best represent the potential of service-learning as a vehicle for education reform and school-to-work transition;

(7) Develop civic responsibility and leadership skills and qualities in participants;

(8) Demonstrate the ability to achieve the goals of this part on the basis of the proposal's quality, innovation, replicability, and sustainability; or

(9) Address any other priority established by the Corporation for a particular period.

(c) In reviewing applications submitted by Indian tribes and U.S. Territories, the Corporation -

(1) May decide to approve only planning of school-based service-learning programs; and

(2) Will set the amounts of grants in accordance with the respective needs of applicants.

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