45 CFR § 2522.800 - How will the Corporation evaluate individual AmeriCorps programs?

§ 2522.800 How will the Corporation evaluate individual AmeriCorps programs?

The Corporation will evaluate programs based on the following: (a) The extent to which the program meets the objectives established and agreed to by the grantee and the Corporation before the grant award;

(b) The extent to which the program is cost-effective; and

(c) The effectiveness of the program in meeting the following legislative objectives: (1) Providing direct and demonstrable services and projects that benefit the community by addressing educational, public safety, human, or environmental needs;

(2) Recruiting and enrolling diverse participants consistent with the requirements of part 2540 of this chapter, based on economic background, race, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, education levels, and disability;

(3) Promoting the educational achievement of each participant based on earning a high school diploma or its equivalent and future enrollment in and completion of increasingly higher levels of education;

(4) Encouraging each participant to engage in public and community service after completion of the program based on career choices and participation in other service programs;

(5) Promoting an ethic of active and productive citizenship among participants;

(6) Supplying additional volunteer assistance to community agencies without providing more volunteers than can be effectively utilized;

(7) Providing services and activities that could not otherwise be performed by employed workers and that will not supplant the hiring of, or result in the displacement of, employed workers; and

(8) Other criteria determined and published by the Corporation.

[59 FR 13796, Mar. 23, 1994. Redesignated at 70 FR 39603, July 8, 2005]