45 CFR 260.73 - How do existing welfare reform waivers affect the participation rates and work rules?

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§ 260.73 How do existing welfare reform waivers affect the participation rates and work rules?

(a) If a State is implementing a work participation component under a waiver, in accordance with this subpart, the provisions of section 407 of the Act will not apply in determining if a penalty should be imposed, to the extent that the provision is inconsistent with the waiver.

(b) For the purpose of determining if the State's demonstration has a work participation component, the waiver list for the demonstration must include one or more specific provisions that directly correspond to the work policies in section 407 of the Act (i.e., change allowable JOBS activities, exemptions from JOBS participation, hours of required JOBS participation, or sanctions for noncompliance with JOBS participation).

(c) Corresponding to the inconsistencies certified by the Governor under § 260.75:

(1) We will calculate the State's work participation rates, by:

(i) Excluding cases exempted from participation under the demonstration component and, if applicable, experimental and control cases not otherwise exempted, in calculating the rate;

(ii) Defining work activities as defined in the demonstration component in determining the numerator; and

(iii) Including cases meeting the required number of hours of participation in work activities in accordance with demonstration component policy, in determining the numerator.

(2) We will determine whether a State is taking appropriate sanctions when an individual refuses to work based on the State's certified waiver policies.

(d) We will use the data submitted by States pursuant to § 265.3 of this chapter to calculate and make public a State's work participation rates under both the TANF requirements and the State's alternative waiver requirements.