45 CFR § 261.30 - What are the work activities?

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§ 261.30 What are the work activities?

The work activities are:

(a) Unsubsidized employment;

(b) Subsidized private-sector employment;

(c) Subsidized public-sector employment;

(d) Work experience if sufficient private-sector employment is not available;

(e) On-the-job training (OJT);

(f) Job search and job readiness assistance;

(g) Community service programs;

(h) Vocational educational training;

(i) Job skills training directly related to employment;

(j) Education directly related to employment, in the case of a recipient who has not received a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency;

(k) Satisfactory attendance at secondary school or in a course of study leading to a certificate of general equivalence, if a recipient has not completed secondary school or received such a certificate; and

(l) Providing child care services to an individual who is participating in a community service program.

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