45 CFR § 265.5 - May States use sampling?

§ 265.5 May States use sampling?

(a) Each State may report the disaggregated data in the TANF Data Report and the SSP-MOE Data Report on all recipient families or on a sample of families selected through the use of a scientifically acceptable sampling method that we have approved. States may use sampling to generate certain aggregated data elements as identified in the instructions to the reports. States may not use sampling to report expenditure data.

(b) “Scientifically acceptable sampling method” means:

(1) A probability sampling method in which every sampling unit in the population has a known, non-zero chance to be included in the sample; and

(2) Our sample size requirements are met.

(c) In reporting data based on sampling, the State must follow the specifications and procedures in the TANF Sampling Manual.

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