45 CFR § 302.19 - Bonding of employees.

§ 302.19 Bonding of employees.

The State plan shall provide that the following requirements and criteria to bond employees are in effect:

(a) IV-D responsibility. The IV-D agency will insure that every person, who has access to or control over funds collected under the child support enforcement program, is covered by a bond against loss resulting from employee dishonesty.

(b) Scope. The requirement in paragraph (a) of this section applies to every person who, as a regular part of his or her employment, receives, disburses, handles or has access to support collections, which includes:

(1) IV-D agency employees and employees of any other State or local agency to which IV-D functions have been delegated.

(2) Employees of a court or law enforcement official performing under a cooperative agreement with the IV-D agency.

(3) Employees of any private or governmental entity from which the IV-D agency purchases services.

(c) Bond. The bond will be for an amount which the State IV-D agency deems adequate to indemnify the State IV-D program for loss resulting from employee dishonesty.

(d) Self-bonding System. A State or political subdivision may comply with the requirement in paragraph (a) of this section:

(1) By means of a self-bonding system established under State law or,

(2) In the case of a political subdivision, by means of a self-bonding system approved by the State IV-D agency.

(e) IV-D liability. The requirements of this section do not reduce or limit the ultimate liability of the IV-D agency for losses of support collections from the State's IV-D program.

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