45 CFR § 308.3 - Optional program areas of review.

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§ 308.3 Optional program areas of review.

(a) Program direction. A State may include a program direction review in its self-assessment for the purpose of analyzing the relationships between case results relating to program compliance areas, and performance and program outcome indicators. This review is an opportunity for States to demonstrate how they are trying to manage their resources to achieve the best performance possible. A program direction analysis could describe the following:

(1) Initiatives that resulted in improved and achievable performance accompanied with supporting data;

(2) Barriers impeding progress; and

(3) Efforts to improve performance.

(b) Program service enhancement. A State may include a program service enhancement report in its self-assessment that describes initiatives put into practice that improved program performance and customer service. This is an opportunity for States to promote their programs and innovative practices. Some examples of innovative activities that States may elect to discuss in the report include:

(1) Steps taken to make the program more efficient and effective;

(2) Efforts to improve client services;

(3) Demonstration projects testing creative new ways of doing business;

(4) Collaborative efforts being taken with partners and customers;

(5) Innovative practices which have resulted in improved program performance;

(6) Actions taken to improve public image;

(7) Access/visitation projects initiated to improve non-custodial parents' involvement with the children and;

(8) Efforts to engage non-custodial parents who owe overdue child support to pay that support or engage in work activities, such as subsidized employment, work experience, or job search.

(c) A State may provide any of the optional information in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section in narrative form.