45 CFR § 400.113 - Duration of eligibility.

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§ 400.113 Duration of eligibility.

(a) Except as specified in paragraph (b), a refugee child may be eligible for services under § 400.112 of this part during the 36-month period beginning with the first month the child entered the United States.

(b) An unaccompanied minor continues to meet the definition of “unaccompanied minor” and is eligible for benefits and services under §§ 400.115 through 400.120 of this part until the minor -

(1) Is reunited with a parent; or

(2) Is united with a nonparental adult (relative or nonrelative) willing and able to care for the child to whom legal custody and/or guardianship is granted under State law; or

(3) Attains 18 years of age or such higher age as the State's title IV-B plan prescribes for the availability of child welfare services to any other child in the State.