45 CFR § 410.209 - Procedures during an emergency or influx.

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§ 410.209 Procedures during an emergency or influx.

In the event of an emergency or influx that prevents the prompt placement of UAC in licensed programs, ORR makes all reasonable efforts to place each UAC in a licensed program as expeditiously as possible using the following procedures:

(a) ORR maintains an emergency placement list of at least 80 beds at programs licensed by an appropriate state agency that are potentially available to accept emergency placements.

(b) ORR implements its contingency plan on emergencies and influxes.

(c) Within one business day of the emergency or influx, ORR, if necessary, contacts the programs on the emergency placement list to determine available placements. To the extent practicable, ORR will attempt to locate emergency placements in geographic areas where culturally and linguistically appropriate community services are available.

(d) In the event that the number of UAC needing placement exceeds the available appropriate placements on the emergency placement list, ORR works with governmental and nongovernmental organizations to locate additional placements through licensed programs, county social services departments, and foster family agencies.

(e) ORR maintains a list of UACs affected by the emergency or influx including each UAC's:

(1) Name;

(2) Date and country of birth;

(3) Date of placement in ORR's custody; and

(4) Place and date of current placement.

(f) Each year ORR reevaluates the number of regular placements needed for UAC to determine whether the number of regular placements should be adjusted to accommodate an increased or decreased number of UAC eligible for placement in licensed programs.

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