45 CFR § 50.3 - Policy.

§ 50.3 Policy.

(a) Policy for waivers. The Department of Health and Human Services endorses the philosophy that Exchange Visitors are committed to return home for at least two years after completing their program. This requirement was imposed to prevent the Program from becoming a stepping stone to immigration and to ensure that Exchange Visitors make available to their home countries their new knowledge and skills obtained in the United States. The Department will request waivers for the delivery of health care service to carry out the Department's mission to increase access to care for the nation's most medically underserved individuals. However, in keeping with the philosophy of the Program, the Exchange Visitor Waiver Review Board may determine the appropriate numbers and geographic areas for waivers for the delivery of health care service.

(b) Criteria for waivers. The Exchange Visitor Waiver Review Board carefully applies stringent and restrictive criteria to its consideration of requests that it support waivers for Exchange Visitors. Each application is evaluated individually based on the facts available.

(c) Waiver for members of Exchange Visitor's family. Where a decision is made to request a waiver for an Exchange Visitor, a waiver will also be requested for the spouse and children, if any, if they have J-2 visa status. When both members of a married couple are Exchange Visitors in their own right (i.e., each has J-1 visa status), separate applications must be submitted for each of them.

[67 FR 77696, Dec. 19, 2002]