45 CFR § 650.19 - Electronic invention handling.

§ 650.19 Electronic invention handling.

(a) Grantees must use the iEdison Invention Information Management System maintained by the National Institutes of Health to disclose NSF subject inventions. Detailed instructions for use of that system are provided at http://s-edison.info.nih.gov/iEdison/ and should be followed for NSF subject inventions except that:

(1) All communications required must be provided electronically as a PDF or TIFF file through iEdison unless prior permission for another form of submission is obtained from the Patent Assistant.

(2) NSF does not require either an Annual Utilization Report or a Final Invention Statement and Certification.

(b) Questions on use of iEdison and requests for permission to submit material in other forms may be sent to the NSF Patent Assistant at patents@nsf.gov or at Office of the General Counsel, National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22230.

[70 FR 43071, July 26, 2005]