45 CFR § 671.9 - Conditions of permit.

§ 671.9 Conditions of permit.

(a) Conditions. All permits issued pursuant to subpart C of this part shall be conditioned upon compliance with the relevant provisions of the ACA, the Treaty, the Protocol, such specific conditions or restrictions as may be imposed by the Director under § 671.7, and the provisions of subpart D of this part.

(b) Possession of permits. Permits issued under this part, or copies of them, must be in the possession of persons to whom they are issued or their agents when conducting the authorized action. Any permit issued shall be shown to the Director or to any other person with enforcement authority upon request.


(1) Reports. Permit holders must provide the Director with written reports of:

(i) Any non-permitted release of designated pollutants or waste within fourteen days after the occurrence of such release, including the date, quantity and cause of the release, and plans for remediation;

(ii) The identity and quantity of all designated pollutants removed from Antarctica or otherwise disposed of, and the method of disposal; and

(iii) Any other violations of the terms and conditions of their permits.

(2) The Director may also require permit holders to file reports of activities conducted under their permits. Such reports shall be submitted to the Director not later than June 30 for the preceding 12 month period ending May 31.