45 CFR § 75.112 - Conflict of interest.

§ 75.112 Conflict of interest.

(a) HHS awarding agencies must establish conflict of interest policies for Federal awards. The non-Federal entity must disclose in writing any potential conflict of interest to the respective HHS awarding agency or pass-through entity in accordance with applicable HHS awarding agency's policy. As a general matter, HHS awarding agencies' conflict of interest policies must:

(1) Address conditions under which outside activities, relationships, or financial interests are proper or improper;

(2) Provide for advance notification of outside activities, relationships, or financial interests, and a process of review as appropriate; and

(3) Outline how financial conflicts of interest may be addressed.

(b) Agencies with Public Health Service (PHS) funded research will ensure that any conflict of interest policies are aligned with the requirements of 42 CFR part 50, subpart F.