45 CFR § 98.11 - Administration under contracts and agreements.

§ 98.11 Administration under contracts and agreements.

(a) The Lead Agency has broad authority to administer the program through other governmental or non-governmental agencies. In addition, the Lead Agency can use other public or private local agencies to implement the program; however:

(1) The Lead Agency shall retain overall responsibility for the administration of the program, as defined in paragraph (b) of this section;

(2) The Lead Agency shall serve as the single point of contact for issues involving the administration of the grantee's CCDF program; and

(3) Administrative and implementation responsibilities undertaken by agencies other than the Lead Agency shall be governed by written agreements that specify the mutual roles and responsibilities of the Lead Agency and the other agencies in meeting the requirements of this part. The contents of the written agreement may vary based on the role the agency is asked to assume or the type of project undertaken, but must include, at a minimum, tasks to be performed, a schedule for completing tasks, a budget which itemizes categorical expenditures consistent with CCDF requirements at § 98.65(h), and indicators or measures to assess performance.

(b) In retaining overall responsibility for the administration of the program, the Lead Agency shall:

(1) Determine the basic usage and priorities for the expenditure of CCDF funds;

(2) Promulgate all rules and regulations governing overall administration of the Plan;

(3) Submit all reports required by the Secretary;

(4) Ensure that the program complies with the approved Plan and all Federal requirements;

(5) Oversee the expenditure of funds by subrecipients and contractors, in accordance with 75 CFR parts 351 to 353;

(6) Monitor programs and services;

(7) Fulfill the responsibilities of any subgrantee in any: disallowance under subpart G; complaint or compliance action under subpart J; or hearing or appeal action under part 99 of this chapter; and

(8) Ensure that all State and local or non-governmental agencies through which the State administers the program, including agencies and contractors that determine individual eligibility, operate according to the rules established for the program.

[63 FR 39981, July 24, 1998, as amended at 81 FR 67574, Sept. 30, 2016]

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