45 CFR Subpart B - Subpart B—Eligibility for an Education Award

  1. § 2525.10 When can an Eligible Individual receive an education award from the National Service Trust?
  2. § 2525.15 Upon what basis may an entity responsible for the supervision of an Eligible Individual certify that the Eligible Individual successfully completed a term of service?
  3. § 2525.20 Under what circumstances is an Eligible Individual who does not complete an approved term of service eligible to receive a pro-rated education award?
  4. § 2525.25 If a participant in an approved Summer of Service or Silver Scholar position does not complete their term of service, are they eligible to receive a pro-rated education award?
  5. § 2525.30 How do convictions for the possession or sale of controlled substances affect an Eligible Individual's ability to use their award?
  6. § 2525.40 How long is an education award available for use?
  7. § 2525.41 When must an application for an extension be submitted?
  8. § 2525.42 Under what circumstances will AmeriCorps grant an extension?
  9. § 2525.43 What if the request for an extension is missing information or documentation?
  10. § 2525.44 How will AmeriCorps notify the Eligible Individual or Designated Recipient of its decision on the extension request?
  11. § 2525.45 Can an Eligible Individual or Designated Recipient appeal a denied request for an extension?
  12. § 2525.50 Is there a limit on the total amount of education awards an individual may receive?
  13. § 2525.55 What is the impact of the aggregate value of education awards received on an individual's ability to serve in additional terms of service?
  14. § 2525.60 May an individual receive an education award and related interest benefits from the National Service Trust as well as other loan cancellation benefits for the same term of service?
  15. § 2525.70 What are the effects of an erroneous certification of successful completion of a term of service?