46 CFR § 113.25-10 - Emergency red-flashing lights.

§ 113.25-10 Emergency red-flashing lights.

(a) In a space described in § 113.25-9(a), where the general emergency alarm signal cannot be heard over the background noise, there must be a red-flashing light or rotating beacon, in addition to the general emergency alarm signal, that:

(1) Has sufficient intensity above the background lighting that would alert personnel in the space;

(2) Is activated whenever the general emergency alarm signal in the space are activated; and

(3) Is supplied by the general emergency alarm system power supply or the vessel emergency power source through a relay that is operated by the general emergency alarm system.

(b) A red-flashing light or rotating beacon must be installed so that it is visible in the cargo pump rooms of vessels that carry combustible liquid cargoes. The installation must be in accordance with the requirements of part 111, subpart 111.105, of this chapter.

[CGD 74-125A, 47 FR 15272, Apr. 8, 1982, as amended by CGD 94-108, 61 FR 28288, June 4, 1996; 62 FR 23910, May 1, 1997]

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