46 CFR § 115.310 - Certification expiration date stickers.

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§ 115.310 Certification expiration date stickers.

(a) A Certification Expiration Date Sticker indicates the date upon which the vessel's Certificate of Inspection expires and is provided by the cognizant OCMI in the number required, upon issuance or renewal of the Certificate of Inspection.

(b) A vessel that is issued a Certificate of Inspection under the provisions of this subchapter must not be operated without a valid Certification Expiration Date Sticker affixed to the vessel on a place that is:

(1) A glass or other smooth surface from which the sticker may be removed without damage to the vessel;

(2) Readily visible to each passenger prior to boarding the vessel and to patrolling Coast Guard law enforcement personnel; and

(3) Acceptable to the Coast Guard marine inspector.

(c) The Coast Guard marine inspector may require the placement of more than one sticker in order to insure compliance with paragraph (b)(2) of this section.

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