46 CFR § 115.804 - Machinery.

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§ 115.804 Machinery.

At each initial and subsequent inspection for certification of a vessel, the owner or managing operator shall be prepared to conduct tests and have the vessel ready for inspections of machinery, fuel, and piping systems, including the following:

(a) Operation of the main propulsion machinery both ahead and astern;

(b) Operational test and inspection of engine control mechanisms including primary and alternate means of starting machinery;

(c) Inspection of all machinery essential to the routine operation of the vessel including generators and cooling systems;

(d) External inspection of fuel tanks and inspection of tank vents, piping, and pipe fittings;

(e) Inspection of all fuel systems;

(f) Operational test of all valves in fuel lines by operating locally and at remote operating positions;

(g) Operational test of all overboard discharge and intake valves and watertight bulkhead pipe penetration valves;

(h) Operational test of the means provided for pumping bilges; and

(i) Test of machinery alarms including bilge high level alarms.

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