46 CFR § 117.71 - Life jackets.

§ 117.71 Life jackets.

(a) An adult life jacket must be provided for each person carried on board a vessel.

(b) In addition, a number of child-size life jackets equal to at least 10% of the number of persons permitted on board must be provided, or such greater number as necessary to provide a life jacket for each person being carried that is smaller than the lower size limit of the adult life jackets provided to meet this section, except that:

(1) Child-size life jackets are not required if the vessel's Certificate of Inspection is endorsed for the carriage of adults only, or

(2) When all “extended size” life preservers (those with a lower size limit for persons of 1,195 millimeters (47 inches) in height or weighing 20.4 kilograms (45 pounds)) are carried on board, a minimum of only 5% additional child size devices need be carried.

(c) Except as allowed by paragraph (d) of this section, each life jacket must be approved in accordance with either §§ 160.002, 160.005, or 160.055 in subchapter Q of this chapter, or other standard specified by the Commandant, including, but not limited to, approval series 160.155 or 160.176.

(d) Cork and balsa wood life jackets previously approved in accordance with §§ 106.003, or 160.004 in subchapter Q of this chapter, on board an existing vessel prior to March 11, 1996, may continue to be used to meet the requirements of this section until March 11, 1999, provided the life jackets are maintained in good and serviceable condition.

(e) Each life jacket carried on board the vessel must be marked in accordance with § 122.604 of this chapter.

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