46 CFR § 117.78 - Stowage of life jackets.

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§ 117.78 Stowage of life jackets.

(a) General. Unless otherwise stated in this section, life jackets must be stored in convenient places distributed throughout accommodation spaces.

(1) Each stowage container for life jackets must not be capable of being locked. If practicable, the container must be designed to allow the life jackets to float free.

(2) Each life jacket kept in a stowage container must be readily available.

(3) Each life jacket stowed overhead must be supported in a manner that allows quick release for distribution.

(4) If life jackets are stowed more than 2,130 millimeters (7 feet) above the deck, a means for quick release must be provided and must be capable of operation by a person standing on the deck.

(5) Each child size life jacket must be stowed in a location that is appropriately marked and separated from adult life jackets so the child size life jackets are not mistaken for adult life jackets.

(b) Additional personal flotation devices. The stowage locations of the personal flotation devices carried in addition to life jackets under § 117.72 must be separate from the life jackets, and such as not to be easily confused with that of the life jackets.

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