46 CFR § 128.130 - Vital systems.

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§ 128.130 Vital systems.

(a) Vital systems are those systems that are vital to a vessel's survivability and safety. For the purpose of this subchapter, the following are vital systems:

(1) Systems for fill, transfer, and service of fuel oil.

(2) Fire-main systems.

(3) Fixed gaseous fire-extinguishing systems.

(4) Bilge systems.

(5) Ballast systems.

(6) Steering systems and steering-control systems.

(7) Propulsion systems and their necessary auxiliaries and control systems.

(8) Systems for transfer and control of cargo, for integral tanks or fixed independent tanks, in compliance with § 125.110 of this subchapter.

(9) Ship's service and emergency electrical-generation systems and their auxiliaries vital to the vessel's survivability and safety.

(10) Any other marine-engineering system identified by the cognizant OCMI as crucial to the survival of the vessel or to the protection of the personnel aboard.

(b) For the purpose of this subchapter, a system not identified by paragraph (a) of this section is a non-vital system.

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