46 CFR § 141.225 - Alternate arrangements or equipment.

§ 141.225 Alternate arrangements or equipment.

(a) Alternate arrangements or equipment to comply with this part may be approved in accordance with § 136.115 of this subchapter.

(b) If a Towing Safety Management System (TSMS) is applicable to the towing vessel, alternative means for complying with §§ 141.340, 141.350, and 141.360 may be approved by a third-party organization (TPO) and documented in the TSMS applicable to the vessel.

(c) The Coast Guard may approve a novel lifesaving appliance or arrangement as an equivalent if it has performance characteristics at least equivalent to the appliance or arrangement required under this subchapter, and if it has been evaluated and tested under IMO Resolution A.520(13) (incorporated by reference, see § 136.112 of this subchapter). Requests for evaluation of novel lifesaving appliances must be sent to the Commandant (CG–ENG).

(d) The cognizant OCMI may require a towing vessel to carry specialized or additional lifesaving equipment if:

(1) He or she determines that the conditions of the voyage render the requirements of this part inadequate; or

(2) The towing vessel is operated in globally remote areas or severe environments not covered under this part. Such areas may include, but are not limited to, polar regions, remote islands, areas of extreme weather, and other remote areas where timely emergency assistance cannot be anticipated.