46 CFR § 147.67 - Halocarbon fire extinguishing systems.

§ 147.67 Halocarbon fire extinguishing systems.

(a) Each halocarbon cylinder forming part of a clean agent fixed fire extinguishing system must be:

(1) Retested at least once every 12 years and before recharging if it has been discharged and more than five years have elapsed since the last test; or

(2) As an alternative, a cylinder conforming to the requirements of 49 CFR 180.209(g) may be given the complete external visual inspection in lieu of hydrostatic testing provided for by that section.

(b) A halocarbon cylinder must be removed from service if it:

(1) Leaks;

(2) Is dented, bulging, severely corroded, or otherwise weakened;

(3) Has lost more than 5 percent of its tare weight; or

(4) Has been involved in a fire.

(c) Flexible connections between cylinders and discharge piping for halocarbon fire extinguishing systems must be renewed or retested in accordance with section 7.3 of NFPA 2001 (incorporated by reference, see § 147.7).

[USCG-2006-24797, 77 FR 33886, June 7, 2012]

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