46 CFR § 153.330 - Access.

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§ 153.330 Access.

(a) The access door to a cargo pump-room must open on the weatherdeck.

(b) The access way to a cargo pump-room and its valving must allow passage of a man wearing the breathing apparatus required by § 153.214(b)(1).

(c) Each ladderway in a cargo pump-room must be free from obstructions by piping, framework, or other equipment.

(d) Cargo pumproom ladders and platforms must have guard railings.

(e) Each ladder to a cargo pump-room must have an incline from the horizontal of less than 60°.

[CGD 73-96, 42 FR 49027, Sept. 26, 1977, as amended by USCG-2014-0688, 79 FR 58284, Sept. 29, 2014]