46 CFR § 162.039-3 - Requirements.

§ 162.039-3 Requirements.

(a) In addition to the requirements of this subpart, every semi-portable fire extinguisher must be tested and listed for marine use by a recognized laboratory as defined in 46 CFR 159.001-3, and must comply with the following standards (incorporated by reference, see § 162.039-1), as appropriate:

(1) UL 8;

(2) UL 154;

(3) UL 299;

(4) UL 626;

(5) UL 711; and

(6) UL 2129.

(b) Every semi-portable fire extinguisher must be self-contained; when charged, it must not require any additional source of extinguishing agent or expellant energy for its operation during the time it is being discharged. It must weigh more than 50 pounds, when fully charged.

(c) Every semi-portable fire extinguisher must be supplied with a suitable bracket which will hold the extinguisher securely in its stowage location on vessels or boats, and which is arranged to provide quick and positive release of the extinguisher for immediate use.

(d) Every semi-portable extinguisher may be additionally examined and tested to establish its reliability and effectiveness in accordance with the intent of this specification for a “marine type” semi-portable fire extinguisher when considered necessary by the Coast Guard or by the recognized laboratory.

[USCG-2012-0196, 81 FR 48279, July 22, 2016]