46 CFR § 162.039-6 - Examinations, tests, and inspections.

§ 162.039-6 Examinations, tests, and inspections.

(a) Full examinations, tests, and inspections to determine the suitability of a product for listing and labeling, and to determine conformance of labeled product to the applicable requirements are conducted by the recognized laboratory. Whenever any work is being done on components or the assembly of such product, the manufacturer shall notify the recognized laboratory in order that an inspector may be assigned to the factory to conduct such examinations, inspections, and tests as to satisfy himself that the quality assurance program of the manufacturer is satisfactory, and that the labeled product is in conformance with the applicable requirements.

(b) Manufacturers of listed or labeled marine type semiportable fire extinguishers shall maintain quality control of the materials used, manufacturing methods, and the finished product so as to meet the applicable requirements, and shall make sufficient inspections and tests of representative samples of the extinguishers and various components produced to maintain the quality of the finished product. Records of tests conducted by the manufacturer shall be made available to the laboratory inspector or to the Coast Guard marine inspector, or both, for review upon request.

(c) Followup check tests, examinations, and inspections of product listed and labeled as a “marine type” semiportable fire extinguisher acceptable to the Commandant as approved for use on merchant vessels and motorboats may be conducted by the Coast Guard, as well as by the recognized laboratory.

(d) The laboratory inspector, or the Coast Guard merchant marine inspector assigned by the Commander of the District in which the factory is located, or both, shall be admitted to any place in the factory where work is being done on listed or labeled product, and either or both inspectors may take samples of parts or materials entering into construction, of final assemblies, for further examinations, inspections, or tests. The manufacturer shall provide a suitable place and the apparatus necessary for the performance of the tests which are done at the place of manufacture.