46 CFR § 163.002-11 - Materials.

§ 163.002-11 Materials.

(a) Gears. Each gear in a pilot hoist must be made of machine cut steel or machine cut bronze, or must be of a design of equivalent strength, durability, reliability and accuracy.

(b) Suspension cables. Each suspension cable on a pilot hoist must be a corrosion-resistant wire rope other than galvanized wire rope.

(c) Corrosion-resistant materials. Materials of a pilot hoist that are not in watertight enclosures must be—

(1) Corrosion-resistant or must be treated to be corrosion-resistant; and

(2) Galvanically compatible with each other adjoining material.

(d) Aluminum alloys. Any aluminum alloy which is not resistant to stress corrosion in marine atmospheres (i.e., contains more than 0.6 percent copper), must not be used in a structural component or in any other hoist component subject to stress.