46 CFR § 163.002-5 - Definitions.

§ 163.002-5 Definitions.

(a) Maximum persons capacity means—

(1) If the hoist has a rigid ladder, one person; or

(2) If the hoist has a platform, one person per square meter (10.75 sq. ft.) or fraction thereof of platform area (including hatch area);

(b) Working load means the sum of the weights of—

(1) The rigid ladder or lift platform, the suspension cables (if any) and the pilot ladder on a pilot hoist; and

(2) 150 kilograms (330 pounds) times the maximum persons capacity of the hoist;

(c) Lift height means the distance from the lowest step of the pilot ladder on a pilot hoist to the deck of a vessel on which the hoist is designed for installation when—

(1) The suspension cables of the hoist are run out until only three turns of cable remain on each drum; or

(2) If the hoist does not have suspension cables, the ladder or lift platform is in its lowest position.