46 CFR § 164.139-3 - Testing, marking, and inspection requirements.

§ 164.139-3 Testing, marking, and inspection requirements.

(a) Automatic fire dampers that are installed in A-class divisions that are submitted for type approval must be tested for fire resistance under Annex 1, Part 3 of the FTP Code (incorporated by reference, see § 164.139-2). Such devices must also be tested in accordance with Appendix A-II of IMO Resolution A.754(18) (incorporated by reference, see § 164.139-2).

(b) All testing and inspections required by this subpart must be performed by an independent laboratory accepted by the Coast Guard under subpart 159.010 of this chapter. A list of independent laboratories accepted as meeting subpart 159.010 of this chapter is available online at http://psix.uscg.mil/EQLabs/Default.aspx.

(c) The independent laboratory must perform an initial factory inspection to select the test specimens and establish the materials of construction, chemical make-up, dimensions, tolerances and other related factors needed to confirm product consistency during follow-up production inspections.

(d) Production inspections must be performed by the independent laboratory in accordance with subpart 159.007 of this chapter at least annually to confirm that no changes have been made to the product that may adversely affect its fire performance as a fire damper.

(e) The independent laboratory must prepare production inspection procedures and a report of the results of the fire testing program, and shall furnish the manufacturer with three copies of each upon completion of the required testing.

(f) Materials approved under this subpart must be shipped in packaging that is clearly marked with the name of the manufacturer, product designation, date of manufacture, batch or lot number, and Coast Guard type approval number.

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