46 CFR § 171.090 - Aft peak bulkhead.

§ 171.090 Aft peak bulkhead.

(a) Each of the following vessels must have an aft peak bulkhead:

(1) Each vessel 100 gross tons or more on an international voyage.

(2) Each other vessel of more than 150 gross tons.

(b) Except as specified in paragraph (c) of this section, each portion of the aft peak bulkhead below the bulkhead deck must be watertight.

(c) A vessel may have an aft peak bulkhead that does not intersect the bulkhead deck if approved by the Commanding Officer, Marine Safety Center.

[CGD 79-023, 48 FR 51017, Nov. 4, 1983, as amended by CGD 88-070, 53 FR 34537, Sept. 7, 1988]