46 CFR § 176.402 - Initial inspection for certification.

§ 176.402 Initial inspection for certification.

(a) Before construction or conversion of a vessel intended for small passenger vessel service, the owner of the vessel shall submit plans, manuals, and calculations indicating the proposed arrangement, construction, and operations of the vessel, to the cognizant OCMI for approval, except when submitted to the Marine Safety Center (MSC) as allowed by part 177 of this subchapter. The plan, manuals, and calculations required to be submitted and the disposition of these plans are set forth in part 177, Subpart B of this chapter.

(b) The initial inspection is conducted to determine that the vessel and its equipment comply with applicable regulations and that the vessel was built or converted in accordance with approved plans, manuals, and calculations. Additionally, during the inspection, the materials, workmanship, and condition of all parts of the vessel and its machinery and equipment may be checked to determine if the vessel is satisfactory in all respects for the service intended.

(c) The owner or managing operator of a vessel shall ensure that the vessel complies with the laws and regulations applicable to the vessel and that the vessel is otherwise satisfactory for the intended service. The initial inspection may include an inspection of the following items:

(1) The arrangement, installation, materials, and scantlings of the structure including the hull and superstructure, yards, masts, spars, rigging, sails, piping, main and auxiliary machinery, pressure vessels, steering apparatus, electrical installation, fire resistant construction materials, life saving appliances, fire detecting and extinguishing equipment, pollution prevention equipment, and all other equipment;

(2) Sanitary conditions and fire hazards; and

(3) Certificates and operating manuals, including certificates issued by the FCC.

(d) During an initial inspection for certification the owner or managing operator shall conduct all tests and make the vessel available for all applicable inspections discussed in this paragraph, and in Subpart H of this part, to the satisfaction of the cognizant OCMI, including the following:

(1) The installation of each rescue boat, liferaft, inflatable buoyant apparatus, and launching appliance as listed on its Certificate of Approval (Form CGHQ-10030).

(2) The operation of each rescue boat and survival craft launching appliance required by part 180 of this chapter.

(3) Machinery, fuel tanks, and pressure vessels as required by part 182 of this chapter.

(4) A stability test or a simplified stability test when required by § 170.175 of this chapter or § 178.320 of this chapter.

(5) Watertight bulkheads as required by part 179 of this chapter.

(6) Firefighting systems as required by part 181 of this chapter.

(7) The operation of all smoke and fire detecting systems, and fire alarms and sensors.

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