46 CFR § 179.320 - Watertight bulkheads.

§ 179.320 Watertight bulkheads.

(a) Each watertight bulkhead must be of sufficient strength to be capable of remaining watertight with a head of water to the top of the bulkhead.

(b) Each watertight bulkhead must extend to the bulkhead deck and be installed in one plane without steps or recesses insofar as is reasonable and practicable. Any steps or recesses permitted must comply with the applicable subdivision requirements in this subchapter.

(c) The number of penetrations in a watertight bulkhead must be minimized. A penetration in a watertight bulkhead must be as high and as far inboard in the bulkhead as practicable, and made watertight.

(d) Sluice valves are not permitted in watertight bulkheads.

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