46 CFR § 185.514 - Station bill.

§ 185.514 Station bill.

(a) A station bill must be posted by the master on a vessel of more than 19.8 meters (65 feet) in length having a Certificate of Inspection requiring more than four crew members at any one time, including the master.

(b) The station bill required by paragraph (a) of this section must set forth the special duties and duty station of each crew member for various emergencies. The duties must, as far as possible, be comparable with the regular work of the individual. The duties must include at least the following and any other duties necessary for the proper handling of a particular emergency:

(1) The closing of hatches, airports, watertight doors, vents, scuppers, and valves for intake and discharge lines that penetrate the hull, the stopping of fans and ventilating systems, and the operating of all safety equipment;

(2) The preparing and launching of survival craft and rescue boats;

(3) The extinguishing of fire; and

(4) The mustering of passengers including the following:

(i) Warning the passengers;

(ii) Assembling the passengers and directing them to their appointed stations; and

(iii) Keeping order in the passageways and stairways and generally controlling the movement of the passengers.

(c) The station bill must be posted at the operating station and in a conspicuous location in each crew accommodation space.