46 CFR § 196.15-18 - Loading doors.

§ 196.15-18 Loading doors.

(a) The master of a vessel fitted with loading doors shall assure that all loading doors are closed watertight and secured during the entire voyage except that -

(1) If a door cannot be opened or closed while the vessel is at a dock, it may be open while the vessel approaches and draws away from the dock, but only as far as necessary to enable the door to be immediately operated.

(2) If needed to operate the vessel, or embark and disembark passengers when the vessel is at anchor in protected waters, loading doors may be open provided that the master determines that the safety of the vessel is not impaired.

(b) For the purposes of this section, “loading doors” include all weathertight ramps, bow visors, and openings used to load personnel, equipment, cargo, and stores, in the collision bulkhead, the side shell, and the boundaries of enclosed superstructures that are continuous with the shell of the vessel.

(c) The master shall enter into the log book the time and door location of every closing of the loading doors.

(d) The master shall enter into the log book any opening of the doors in accordance with paragraph (a)(2) of this section setting forth the time of the opening of the doors and the circumstances warranting this action.

[CGD 89-037, 57 FR 41828, Sept. 11, 1992]

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