46 CFR § 197.310 - Air compressor system.

§ 197.310 Air compressor system.

A compressor used to supply breathing air to a diver must have -

(a) A volume tank that is -

(1) Built and stamped in accordance with section VIII, division 1 of the ASME Code with -

(i) A check valve on the inlet side;

(ii) A pressure gage;

(iii) A relief valve; and

(iv) A drain valve; and

(2) Tested after every repair, modification, or alteration to the pressure boundaries as required by § 197.462;

(b) Intakes that are located away from areas containing exhaust fumes of internal combustion engines or other hazardous contaminants;

(c) An efficient filtration system; and

(d) Slow-opening shut-off valves when the maximum allowable working pressure of the system exceeds 500 psig.