46 CFR § 197.322 - Surface-supplied helmets and masks.

§ 197.322 Surface-supplied helmets and masks.

(a) Each surface-supplied helmet or mask must have -

(1) A nonreturn valve at the attachment point between helmet or mask and umbilical that closes readily and positively;

(2) An exhaust valve; and

(3) A two-way voice communication system between the diver and the dive location or bell.

(b) Each surface-supplied air helmet or mask must -

(1) Ventilate at least 4.5 ACFM at any depth at which it is operated; or

(2) Be able to maintain the diver's inspired carbon dioxide partial pressure below 0.02 ATA when the diver is producing carbon dioxide at the rate of 1.6 standard liters per minute.