46 CFR § 199.212 - Lifejackets.

§ 199.212 Lifejackets.

(a) In addition to the lifejackets required under § 199.70(b), each passenger vessel must carry lifejackets for at least 5 percent of the total number of persons on board. These lifejackets must be stowed in conspicuous places on deck or at muster stations.

(b) Where lifejackets for persons other than the crew are stowed in staterooms located remotely from direct routes between public spaces and muster stations, any additional lifejackets required by § 199.70(b)(2)(v) for these persons must be stowed in the public spaces, near muster stations, or on direct routes between them. These lifejackets must be stowed so that their distribution and donning does not impede orderly movement to muster stations and survival craft embarkation stations.