46 CFR § 2.01-1 - Applications for inspections.

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§ 2.01-1 Applications for inspections.

(a) Application forms.

(1) Applications for inspections of vessels required to be inspected under subtitle II, title 46 of the U.S. Code, title 46 and title 33 U.S. Code, or under 50 U.S.C. 198 shall be made by the master, owner, or agent on the following Coast Guard forms which are obtainable from the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, at any local U.S. Coast Guard Sector Office.

(i) CG-3752 - Application for Inspection of U.S. Vessel.

(ii) CG-986 - Application for Inspection of Foreign Vessel.

(2) These applications require information on name and type of vessel, nature of employment and route in which to be operated, and place where and date when the vessel may be inspected.

(b) To whom submitted. The completed form must be submitted to the Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection, in the Marine Inspection Zone within which the inspection is to be conducted.

(c) New vessels. Applications for inspection of new vessels must be preceded by the submission of applicable drawings or prints in accordance with the specific requirements in subchapters D (Tank Vessels), E (Load Lines), F (Marine Engineering), H (Passenger Vessels), I (Cargo and Miscellaneous Vessels), J (Electrical Engineering), K (Small Passenger Vessels Carrying More Than 150 Passengers Or With Overnight Accommodations For More Than 49 Passengers), L (Offshore Supply Vessels), O (Certain Bulk Dangerous Cargoes), S (Subdivision and Stability), and T (Small Passenger Vessels) of this chapter applicable to that particular type of vessel or type of service in which the vessel is proposed to be operated.

(d) Foreign-built vessels.

(1) Those foreign-built vessels which are specifically authorized by public or private laws to engage in the coastwise trade, and those foreign-built vessels which are documented to engage in the foreign trade shall be inspected and certificated as required by law and/or the regulations in this chapter which are applicable to their class and employment.

(2) Foreign-built vessels are not permitted to engage in the U.S. coastwise trade (domestic trade) unless specifically authorized by law. Therefore, when foreign-built vessels are intended for use in the coastwise trade as defined by the U.S. Customs Service, such vessels will not be inspected and certificated unless specifically authorized by law to engage in coastwise trade.

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