46 CFR § 28.540 - Free surface.

§ 28.540 Free surface.

(a) When doing the stability calculations required by this subpart, the virtual rise in the vessel's vertical center of gravity due to liquids in tanks must be considered by calculating the following—

(1) For each type of consumable liquid, the maximum free surface effect of a tank, or a transverse pair of tanks, having the greatest free surface effect, in addition to a correction for service tanks; and

(2) The free surface effect of each partially filled tank and hold containing a liquid that is not a consumable or containing fish or a fish product that can shift as the vessel heels. This should include correction for any loose water within the vessel's hull associated with the processing of fish.

(b) The free surface effect of tanks fitted with cross connection piping must be calculated assuming the tanks are one common tank, unless valves that will be kept closed to prevent the transfer of liquids as the vessel heels are installed in the piping.

(c) The moment of transference method may be used in lieu of the inertia method when calculating free surface effects.