46 CFR § 28.60 - Exemption letter.

§ 28.60 Exemption letter.

(a) Types of exemptions.

(1) Specific exemption means an exemption for an individual commercial fishing industry vessel.

(2) Class exemption means an exemption for a class or fleet of commercial fishing industry vessels.

(b) Exemption procedure. A request for an exemption of either type must be in writing, have specific reasons for the request, and be sent to the Coast Guard District Office having jurisdiction over the waters where the vessel(s) will be operating. Coast Guard District geographical areas are described in 33 CFR part 3. The District Commander will review the request to determine that:

(1) Good cause exists for granting an exemption; and

(2) The safety of the vessel and those on board will not be adversely affected.

(c) The District Commander will either approve or deny the request in writing. In granting a request, the District Commander will specify the terms under which the exemption is granted and distribute the letter describing these terms to the party or parties requesting the exemption.

(d) Exemption letter. Exemption letters, or suitable copies, describing the terms under which the exemption is granted shall be maintained at all times on board each vessel to which any exemption applies.

(e) Right of appeal. Any person directly affected by a decision or action taken under this part may appeal in accordance with § 1.03 of this chapter.

(f) Rescinding an exemption letter. Exemptions granted may be rescinded by the District Commander if it is subsequently determined that the safety of the vessel and those onboard is adversely affected.

[CGD 96-046, 62 FR 46675, Sept. 4, 1997]