46 CFR § 28.860 - Overcurrent protection and switched circuits.

§ 28.860 Overcurrent protection and switched circuits.

(a) Each power source must be protected against overcurrent. Overcurrent devices for generators must be set at a value not exceeding 115 percent of the generator's full load rating.

(b) Except for a steering circuit, each circuit must be protected against both overload and short circuit. Each overcurrent device in a steering system power and control circuit must provide protection only.

(c) Each ungrounded current carrying conductor must be protected in accordance with its current carrying capacity by a circuit breaker or fuse at the connection to the switchboard or distribution panel bus.

(d) Each circuit breaker and each switch must simultaneously open all ungrounded conductors.

(e) The grounded conductor of a circuit must not be disconnected by a switch or an overcurrent device unless all ungrounded conductors of the circuit are simultaneously disconnected.

(f) Navigation light circuits must be separate, switched circuits having fused disconnect switches or circuit breakers so that only the appropriate navigation lights can be switched on.

(g) A separate circuit with overcurrent protection at the main distribution panel or switchboard must be provided for each radio installation.