46 CFR § 28.885 - Cargo gear.

§ 28.885 Cargo gear.

(a) The safe working load (SWL) for the assembled gear shall be marked on the heel of each cargo boom, crane, or derrick. These letters and figures are to be in contrasting colors to the background and at least one inch in height. The SWL is construed to be the load the gear is approved to lift, excluding the weight of the gear itself.

(b) All wire rope, chains, rings, hooks, links, shackles, swivels, blocks, and any other loose gear used or intended to be used in cargo loading or unloading must be commensurable with the SWL rating in paragraph (a) of this section. This gear shall be visually inspected by the vessel's captain or his designee at frequent intervals, and in any event not less than once in each operating month.

(c) In addition to the inspection required in paragraph (b) of this section, a biennial, (every second year), thorough examination and proof load test, at a minimum of the SWL rating, shall be performed and witnessed by competent personnel. The proof load applied to the winches, booms, derricks, cranes and all associated gear shall be lifted with the ship's normal tackle with the boom or derrick at the lowest practicable angle. When the load has been lifted, it shall be swung as far as possible in both directions.

(d) After satisfactory completion of the tests and examinations required in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, all results and notations together with the date and location of each shall be maintained and available to Coast Guard representatives upon request.